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Two alien species enjoying a drink during sunrise while another species begs for a taste.
The final piece.
Original Sketch
The original sketch. The background was worked out at the same time as the colour scheme.
Concept sketches of the first alien species.
Concept sketches of the taller alien. Inspiration was taken from multiple existing insects, including mantids, leaf hoppers, wasps, and woolly aphids.
Concept sketches of the second alien species.
Concept sketches of the shorter alien. They were mainly inspired by bees - notably cuckoo bees - ants, and hummingbirds.

Morning Coffee

A Colourful Alien Scene

A few years ago, I developed some neutral and friendly looking intelligent species, a few of which are pictured in this colourful and futuristic illustration. The main intent of this piece was to depict their final designs, and work with an unusual canvas ratio.

Created With:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Intuos

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