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Mario dressed as Santa, riding a sleigh pulled by Yoshis. There is a Lakitu and a flying Koopa Troopa in the snowy background.
Utilizing letter-sized card stock, this illustration was used as a Christmas card and sent to family and friends.
Source sketch for the Mario Christmas card.
The original sketch for the Christmas card.
Nintendo's Bowser with his underlings, Koopa Troopa, Lakitu, Goomba and Bob-omb.
Bowser, King of the Koopas. An experiment with a simple colour palette and character stylization.
Mario chases after a coin in an underground setting.
Mario chases after a coin in an underground setting.
Ridley, a Metroid villain, watches over Samus' ship from a distance.
Something different: A Metroid themed sketch. Ridley watches over Crateria in this test of the Procreate app for iPad.

Nintendo Fan Works

Drawings of Various Nintendo Properties

Illustrations for various Nintendo icons. Mainly focused on the Mario series.

Created With:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Cintiq
  • Procreate
  • iPad Pro

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