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Final NMPD Poster, depicting a person at the top of a mountain.
The final NMPD Poster. I went for a whimsical and more symbolic feeling, using bright colours around the person to represent their creativity.
First pass with day colours and without a person.
My first pass at the poster was created as a vector image, using standard day colours. I found this version to be a bit plain, and didn't think it would catch the attention it needed.
The original poster sketch.
The original sketch is very similar to the final work. Text placement, colours, and style were important decisions that were yet to come.

NMPD Showcase

Poster for the New Media Production and Design Showcase

A poster submission for the Southern Alberta Institute of Technology's New Media Production and Design Showcase. It's meant to show the journey that I and my fellow students had taken during our education, and our arrival to the peak.

Created With:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Intuos

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