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Four large colourful icons and 4 small menu icons with active and inactive states.
The source and scaled icons that were delivered to OClef.
Icons overlayed on an iPhone with different user interface suggestions.
User Interface mock-ups with the final icons.
Sketches of Metronome icon suggestions.
Sketches of icons for OClef's metronome. We chose the classic metronome shape for its recognizability.
Sketches of Record icon suggestions.
Sketches for the Record function. Record discs and mics are two clear options, but I made sure to go outside the box a bit. In the end, the mic won.
Sketches of Tune icons suggestions.
Sketches for the Oclef's tuning function. Tuning forks were an obvious option; instead we choose birds as a fun option that was symbolic of clear songs and mimicry.
Sketches of Clock icon suggestions.
Sketches for the Oclef clock. We chose a modified hourglass that incorporated the rounded shape of the OClef logo.
More refined options for Tools, Chat, Students, and Library icons.
More refined vector suggestions for the Tools, Chat, Student, and Library menu options. The small scale meant that I kept the icons simple; however I continued to offer many options.


An Iconography Project

I worked with the creators of OClef to develop a user interface and an icon set for their music learning app. This app is for young students learning to play musical instruments.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Cintiq

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