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First OT Mobility Page Design
Original concept for the OT Mobility landing page. Based on preexisting concepts, this version is the most compact and uses a combination of carousels and tabs.
Second OT Mobility Page Design
This variation of the first design uses more distinct sections and a large hero image.
Third OT Mobility Page Design
This more colorful mock-up was inspired by websites that the client liked. The content is more easily accessible via scrolling instead of tabs.
Fourth OT Mobility Page Design
I included a softer version with imagery that the client was interested in using for each section.
Storyboard for basic page design.
Concept for the original interface, when translated to mobile.
Storyboard for an animation of a car moving down the screen as the user scrolls.
Storyboard for an animation idea while scrolling down the landing page. The car would "drive" down the page and reveal annotations.

OT Mobility

Homepage Design and Concepts

I worked with OT Mobility to create a landing page that showcased their upcoming iPhone app. "Spot On Time" was a service that helped drivers arrive on time.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Cintiq

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