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Old Portfolio Homepage
My previous portfolio's homepage was a large illustration also served as a table banner. I wanted to think outside the box that a lot of my peers were in - black and white design, with tastes of color. The result is a site exploding with color, bearing a seasonal theme.
Old Portfolio Works Page
I translated the homepage design into themes for each page. My works gallery used the summer theme and calm blues.
Old Portfolio Work Preview
A sample of the preview pop up. The site was darkened to not pull the user away from the piece.
Old Portfolio About Page
If you wanted to learn about or contact me, you would see this autumn-themed page. It uses more distinct sectioning to better accommodate a large amount of text.
Old Portfolio Social Page
The social page originally served as a blog. I lacked dedication time, so I revised the page through Wordpress plug-ins to pull from my more active social media.

Portfolio Archive

My Classic Portfolio Design

It was time for something new. However, I still had a lot of good memories with my previous portfolio design. It was designed during my time at SAIT Polytechnic, serving as a digital and printed display of my work.

The print version was used for my final display before graduation, with a large poster based on the homepage and a themed table. The table included binder and interactive Flash-based portfolio choices.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Intuos

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