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Portfolio Concent
Early iterations are more compact.
Portfolio Concept
Experimenting with round thumbnails and overlays.
Portfolio Concept
The first test of a diagonal design. This early attempt didn't feel right.
Portfolio Concept
Testing a completely different and rounded sectioning method. It might work for another website, but I chose to keep going.
Portfolio Concept
Testing bright colors and rounded sectioning.
Portfolio Concept
Combining a more standard design with a rounded introduction. I really liked the overlaid call-to-action.
Portfolio Concept
Something more simple but in line with other ideas. Still strongly considering the teal and beige palette.
Portfolio Concept
Starting to switch things up again. I was inspired by some more openly designed portfolios. There would be a few highlighted pieces at the top, followed by more standard thumbnails in cards.
Portfolio Concept
A variation of the previous concept.
Portfolio Concept
I worked with the sectioned highlights for a while before ultimately going in a different direction. I was getting closer to the final concept.
Portfolio Concept
After I'd gone to bed for the night, this design floated into my mind. I translated the idea into a quick sketch using Procreate on the iPad.
Portfolio Concept
After some additional tweaks and feedback, I arrived at this wireframe. The diagonal sections returned in a less content-affecting form.
Portfolio Concept
An early wireframe from what I was first coming up with ideas. A few of the core ideas made it all the way into the final version.

Portfolio Concepts

Sketch Iterations Leading to Now

At some point one looks at their website and realizes that it's time to make it a little more modern. I was set on a single page design, but I also wanted to "think different". This lead to a great many iterations in Sketch.

Enjoy the many alternate designs that lead to the design you see today!

Created With:

  • Sketch
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Procreate
  • Wacom Cintiq
  • iPad Pro

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