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Rambus Inc. - Example Solution Overviews
Examples of two Rambus solution overviews, which explained product families. I maintained over 25 solution overviews in letter and A4 format for distribution in North America, Europe, and Asia.
Rambus - Example Product Briefs
Examples of two Rambus product briefs. There were over 60 of these to maintain, and they drilled deeper into the Rambus product portfolio. Before my time with Rambus concluded, I created a brand-new futureproof template that could be more easily converted between letter and A4, potentially saving hours of work that would be required to create and maintain two separate templates.
Rambus - Example White Paper
An example of a white paper authored for Rambus. While these were created far less frequently, they are chalk-full of important information that needed to be clear, with simple but effective imagery. See a full white paper example.
Rambus - Example ebook
I designed many visually-interesting ebooks as part of my design duties at Rambus. With over a dozen ebooks, our refined template system made it straightforward to meet rapid-fire requests. One product launch required the creation of two ebooks within days.
Rambus - Example Brochure
While not as common, we received some requests for more bespoke types of collateral. This included the occasional brochure, think piece, and case study. See a full case study example.

Product Collateral

Web and Print

During my time as a Graphic Design Specialist at Rambus, I was accountable for the majority of day-to-day design tasks for the Marketing team. I maintained a library of over 100 documents including product briefs, solution overviews, ebooks and white papers.

Product collateral tasks often appeared without warning, and sometimes needed to be turned around within a single day. Thankfully our system of creating InDesign drafts, firing off emails, and pinning up physical copies worked well. We were highly successful at hitting these unforgiving deadlines.

I redesigned the standard templates for ebooks and white papers with an emphasis on utility and consistency. I also crafted templates for product briefs and solution overviews to the team's Creative Design Manager, with these same goals in mind.

Created With:

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Microsoft PowerPoint
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Acrobat

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