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Email Template Mockup
Early mock-ups of the email design. I was just learning their system so a lot of changes were made between these first designs and the final delivery.
Email Template Mockup
A simpler version of the previous design, without the side column and a padded banner.
Email Template Mockup
The nearly-finalized mock-up, in a dark theme that complimented the Ruckus Wireless website.
Email Template Mockup
This mock-up is very close to the coded design. A light theme was preferred, and the design was made email client friendly.

Email Templates

Template Design for the Act-On Email System

I assisted with the design of a new email template for use by the marketing team through Act-On. The task required working with limitations set by the Act-On platform and email clients, while being simple to edit.

The final mock-up was my first time coding for email. I quickly caught on through testing with the help of Litmus.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator

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