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Resource Block
A resource block. Its most prominent use was on the Support homepage.
Support Cases: Case Status
Early pages like this Case Status page included many reusable elements.
Support Homepage - Logged Out
As one of the most important pages, the homepage was also one of the trickiest. New options were revealed when logged in, competing for space "above the fold".
Knowledge Base
The original knowledge base could easily be overwhelming. Answers were tidily hidden until clicked. Additional search functionality was later added within the page.
Asset and Case Management
Part of the key functionality for customers with Ruckus hardware. I would love to redo this page as a direct status hub, but it was split to direct to two separate management functions.
Asset Management with Video
The previous page, but without any cases to manage. They wanted to include introductory videos.
Search Results
A sample search results page.
Live Search Dropdown
The search field, showing planned live update functionality.
Technical Documents
This mock-up is slightly deceiving, as the final Technical Documents page is extensive. We were later able to simplify down to four filter options.
Additional Customer Tools
This page served as a catch-all to various customer tools. The dotted lines served to group currently develop tools and were not part of the final design.

Ruckus Wireless - Support Redesign

Mock-ups for Various Support Site Pages

In order to add new functionality and provide a better customer experience, the Ruckus Wireless Support site needed to be refreshed. I worked closely with our other designer and the Support site team to incorporate new features into a more refined interface. This was no small task - the Support site was split into many important tools and resources. The homepage in particular was challenging as there are many elements competing for attention.

The mock-ups seen here were close to what was launched for the new website. Most of the site was written in Ruby, and I enjoyed the opportunity to learn bits of a new language when I was assisting with implementation.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator

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