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Initial mockup for the Contact Us refresh.
Initial mock-up for the Contact Us page refresh. This page originally had an overwhelming amount of information on first glance. The first step in reducing clutter involved better separating sections.
Contact Us Mockup - Dynamic Contant by Region
This Contact Us mock-up limits contacts by region. Americas is the default, but other regions can be selected via buttons.
Contact Us Mockup - Dynamic Content by Country
The approved design uses a drop-down in place of buttons, allowing the user to select their country. The section below is dynamically updated with their selection.
Form Submission Mockup - Side-by-Side Fields
I also tinkered with a form redesign.
Form Submission Mockup - Single Fields
Alternate version of the Application form.
Form Submission Mockup - Single Fields
Design for another form.
Long Form Submission Mockup - Side-by-Side Fields
A more extensive form. Unfortunately, this design wasn't implementable due to restrictions related to the Act-On platform.
Long Form Submission Mockup
Variation to the previous design with more side-by-side fields.
Video Library storyboard - video behaviour when loading.
Storyboard for a videos page redesign. Working out how a video could be revealed as it loads within the main library.
Video Library storyboard - thumbnail behaviour when loading.
Storyboarding how thumbnails should act when a video is selected. Ultimately, we kept them in place with a "Now Playing" frame. The video opened below the row of thumbnails.
TechTalk Library storyboard - video behaviour when loading.
Storyboard for loading videos within the TechTalk Library.

Ruckus Wireless - UI Updates

Updates to the Ruckus Wireless Interface

Ruckus Wireless had many page designs that were in need of a refresh or additional functionality. Some only required basic HTML and CSS updates, while others required added functionality via JQuery and Drupal.

I mocked up the following designs. Some were finalized and implemented with team assistance. These changes improved the user experience by removing clutter and enhancing ease of use.

Created With:

  • Adobe Illustrator

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