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Official Endeavor Pet Colours
Official Endeavor pet colours: Common (base for standard colours), Angelic, Bloodred, Darkmatter, Galactic, Graveyard, Nightmare, and Reborn.
Official Illumis Pet Colours
Official Illumis pet colours: Common, Chibi, Galactic, and Spectrum.
Official Pet Colours, Other
Other Subeta species: The Common Swampie (plus standard colours), Galactic Swampie, Cadogre (pictured: Nuclear), Experiment 336, Experiment 1337, Experiment 69012, Galactic Darkonite, and Galactic Warador.
Official Subeta Items
A small portion of the many items that I created and updated.
Custom Subeta Pets
These were not created for Agoge Inc and Subeta, but rather for users of Subeta for their own purposes. The one exception is the update to the Chibi Illumis (top, right), which was a personal update to improve on my original artwork.

Subeta: Official & Custom

Illustrations for Subeta and its Users

Samples of my work from when I was universal artist at Agoge Inc. I updated the Endeavor, Swampie, and Cadogre pet artwork, and created a new species - the Illumis. I was also tasked with designing and illustrating standard items, items for human avatars, and hero illustrations.

Subeta also allows users to redesign their main and pet profiles. I was commissioned several times to create custom pet artwork for override purposes.

Created With:

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Wacom Cintiq

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